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Client Forms

The forms below are for clients that have already filed into a bankruptcy for administration purposes during the course of the bankruptcy.  Forms have been provided on-line to streamline the administration for your convenience.  An on-line application is also available, should you wish to submit one virtually, or one of our representatives would be happy to gather the information with you and discuss your options.

Form: Income Tax Questionnaire

This form is to be submitted if you have filed a bankruptcy as your Trustee will file your taxes on your behalf.

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Form: Monthly Income and Expense Statement

This form is to be completed and submitted monthly if you have filed a bankruptcy.

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Form: Initial Application

This form may be filled out and submitted on-line or one of our representative would be happy to gather the information from you and discuss your options over the phone.

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Form: Monthly Income and Expense Statement Business / Self-employed Clients

If you are a client that has filed a bankruptcy and own a business or are self-employed this form is to be completed and submitting monthly.

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Understanding Bankruptcies

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, this document provides complete information about bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process.

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COVID19 Resources

What to know about COVID-19 and Your Taxes

Find out which benefits are taxable income, which expenses you can write off and more.

COVID-19: Managing Financial Health in Challenging Times

Government of Canada financial resources for people experiencing financial hardship as a result of the global pandemic.

Health Link BC: Mental Health and COVID-19

COVID-19 has led families to income loss, unexpected financial hardship, isolation and more. BC Health Link has made a number of mental health resources available to British Columbians in need of support.

Video Clips from the Superintendent of Bankruptcy

Discussing your options with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Submitting a consumer proposal to your creditors

Understanding the bankruptcy discharge

Bankruptcy and surplus income payments

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