Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
In connection with the Personal Information and Protections Act, Douglas Loiselle and Associates Inc has implemented the below policies in relation to personal information that it collects, uses and/or discloses while carrying on business.

Accountability Policy:
The partners of Douglas Loiselle and Associates Inc. are responsible and accountable for all personal information in its possession, including personal information disclosed to or provided by 3rd party organizations.

Identifying Purposes of Personal Information Policy:
Douglas Loiselle and Associates Inc. collects personal information for the following purposes:

  1. a) to provide professional services
  2. b) to build and maintain relations with clients in order to provide ongoing and future services
  3. c) to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Consent Policy:
The consent and knowledge of individuals are required for the use, collection, or disclosure of personal information, except where inappropriate, required by law or permitted by law.

Limiting Collection Policy:
Personal information shall be collected by fair and lawful means and limited to the purposes of the engagement.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention Policy:
Personal information will only be used or disclosed for the purpose it was collected.  Consent from the client will be required for any other purpose.  Personal information shall only be retained as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose or as required by law.

Accuracy Policy:
Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the personal information held is accurate, complete, and current.  We urge our clients to notify Douglas Loiselle and Associate should information be inaccurate or change.

Safeguarding Information Policy:
Douglas Loiselle and Associates is committed to safeguarding your personal information to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, loss or alteration.  The information shall be protected by security safeguards to ensure its intended use.

Transparency Policy:
Privacy policies and procedures may be made available upon request of the client.

Access to Personal Information Policy:
Clients may request access to their personal information.  Upon request Douglas Loiselle and Associates Inc. shall make available within 30 days what personal information it has, what it is being used for and to whom it has been disclosed to if applicable.  A client may verify the information and may request it be amended if appropriate.

Challenging Compliance Policy:
Questions or complaints to the Privacy Policies may be directed to:

Douglas Loiselle (privacy officer):   #103 255 Ingram St, Duncan, BC, V9L 1P3