Your Success is Our Success!


Our firm is driven by relationships. We are a trusted resource for a wide range of partners and their clients.

Our partners call upon us when they’re working with a client who reveals a financial problem that requires financial restructuring to resolve.


Our Value

  • Direct access to Douglas Loiselle, Licensed Insolvency Trustee.
  • Client guidance.
  • Enable you to provide better services to your clients.
  • Wholistic approach to meeting your clients need.
  • No additional fees to your clients to access a Trustees perspective.

Types of Partners We Work With

  • Financial Planners

    Help your clients manage the most difficult financial situations.

  • Legal Professionals

    Assist your clients in managing the financial aspect of their legal problems.

  • Mediators

    Introduce financial solutions into mediation that can enable parties to settle difficult financial matters.

  • Bookkeepers, Tax Preparers, Accountants and Other Tax Professionals

    Access the only 100% solution to stop CRA from garnishing your clients, freezing their accounts, and taking other serious collection actions.

  • Credit Counsellors

    Have a resource so that when credit counselling does not work, there is a plan B for your client.

  • Lenders, brokers and financial advisors

    More debt often is not the answer and sometimes the only way to get your client qualified, is after they have restructured their finances and started the rebuilding process.

  • Insurance agencies and brokerages and more.

    Insurance agents and brokers are often the first to learn when an individual is facing financial challenges. We help you to support your clients.

  • Community Organizations

    Help members of your community obtain financial relief.

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